Everything comes from Self Love

 In Acting, Comedian, Modeling

Eugenia Kuzmina (12)-1

I want to share my feeling of responsibility for the content I put out as an artist and a person in our nowadays multiconnected techno society.
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. allow us to live in the world of absolute truth. Those are free channels for sharing our stories that unite us at a primal level and allow us to go through life experience not feeling alone… I actually love that everything is exposed! I feel transparency teaches us to go deeper as humans and ask questions of our intentions behind every action.
Why are you doing what you are doing?
ow would you message affect people around the globe?
Are you coming from love or from fear?
My answer to, everything starts with self love. I feel if I come from that place and desire to express and share it with the world, it brings an incredible feeling of happiness and fulfillment. Heres to celebrating conscious creation and authentic power !!!

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