Comedy Reel

A quick look at my comedy roles.

Drama Reel

A quick look at many different roles.

The Great Escape

A double agent (a Soviet KGB officer/spy for the CIA) cuts all ties loose. Directed by Matthew Barry.

Dirty Grandpa

Dir. Dan Mazer

Game Changer

A rogue assassin returns to take down the secret organization and her trainer Mark Pellegrino.

Bad Moms

Bad Russian Mom talks about having 500 Kalashnikovs at her house.

"Lady Dynamite" Netflix

A model / comedian doing a commercial speaking Japanese.


An innocent victim turns out to be a dangerous spy, killing Stana Katic, only to turn out to be an FBI agent on a training program.

Fading Gigolo

A high-end call girl seduces John Turturro only to find out he is a man of the same profession.

Destroy by Fire

Dir. Mike Sanches

New Girl

A snooty supermodel makes Zooey Deschanel look even more awkward.

The Comeback

Rock the Kasbah

Dir. Barry Levinson

The Gold Diggers

A spoiled heiress orders a pool boy around.


A strong-willed girl fights for justice and her rights.

Wonder Girls

Dir. Anthony Meindl

Quarantine LA

Los Angeles has been infected by a strange human-changing virus: a scientist is looking for the cure and struggling to survive.

First House On the Hill

Dir Mateo Saradini.

The Receptionist

Ksenia plots to convince her man that she is just a receptionist as her real boss schemes to sabotage her plans.


A cabaret singer dedicates a song to her first love.